What Is Uber For Handyman & Why Handyman Compared To Uber?


Uber for handyman:

The term “Uber for handyman” originates from the term uber for x popular services. It is a handyman clone script based on the uber on-demand concept like uber eats, uber cabs etc.,This is a bit of B2B handyman clone software that can be used to start an online business from scratch without writing a line of code. It is a purely ready made solution primarily for startups. There are many online handyman applications available in the online market.

uber for handyman - cron24 technologies

Why Handyman Compared to uber..??

First of all.. we gonna see what exactly an on-demand handyman app like Uber, and why handyman is compared to uber,

So, you people already knew Uber is a popular US based on-demand food delivery and cabs dispatching company.

Here’s what the same thing the handyman apps do,

[Uber - provides on-demand services for their customers]

[Handyman - exactly doing the same thing]

The difference is

Uber = On-demand Food delivery, cabs dispatching

Handyman = All On-demand home services

So the core concept of both are same is to provide “On-demand Services” for all people. That’s why Uber is compared to handyman.

Pro Tips:

Best example for on-demand handyman app like uber is,

LetzHandy - Handyman app like uber

Hope you got a clarity.

Thank you.