Trendsetting Space Rental Script To Jump Start Your Rental Business


What is Space Rental Script?

Space rental script is a professional approach for managing the interactions and relationships between the space owners and event managers. HyraSpace – Space Rental Script is a 100% customizable space booking software that bridges the gap between space owners and guests/event managers. Using our script, you can build the website for your Space Rental Business layrenting out the spaces, like co working space, filmshoot locations, parties, etc. The HyraSpace - Space Rental Script lets you earn admin commission for each and every Booking.

How Our Space Rental Business Script Works


  • LoginTo obtain the benefits of a space rental platform, the user needs to sign up on the platform. We also support social media login such as google and facebook.
  • Look For Space
    User Search for space with out advanced searching filters to find what they need
  • Book a SpaceWhen the users find a suitable space for rent, they check for availablity to confirm booking.
  • Make PaymentOnce the space owner approves a user's booking, the payment can be done via any one our secured payment methods. We Support Both Stripe and Paypal Payment Gateways. Only after payment, the booking is confirmed on both Space owner and event organizer.
  • Provide Review and RatingThe user determines the quality of any rental service by providing their reviews and star ratings for the rental space. This can be publicly visible to others.

Space Owners / Hosts

  • LoginTo obtain the benefits of a space rental platform, the user needs to sign up on the platform. We also support social media login such as google and facebook.
  • Create new ListThe Space owner can start listing the available rental spaces with their exact location, photos, pricing and other necessary details for the users to view.
  • Get Approval from AdminAfter Create the Space, the owner must wait until the admin confirms space, once admin verify the listing it's publicly available to book.
  • Set AvailabilitySpace owner also set their availabilty, By default all days are available for book, if host doesn't wants to book on specific days, then block those dates.
  • Responds to Guests InquirySpace owner must always responds to guest inquiry, Guests able to book once space owner confirm that booking.

New Features makes HyraSpace Unique

  • Admin Panel
    • User-Friendly Dashboard
    • Roles And Permissions
    • User Data Management
    • Manage Transactions
    • Manage Site Information
  • Space Owner
    • Multiple ways to Signup
    • View Bookings
    • Advanced Calendar to manage availability
    • Multiple Cancellation Policies
    • Multiple Payout Methods (Paypal, Stripe, Bank Transfer)
    • Multiple Activity for Single listing
    • Activity Based Pricing
    • Export Transactions
  • Guests / Event Organizers
    • Multiple ways to Signup
    • View Bookings
    • Conversation Facilities
    • Multiple Payment Methods (Paypal, Credit / Debit Card via Stripe)
    • Reviews and Rating
    • Advanced Search filter to find based on their need

Technology Used for Develop

HyraSpace - Space Rental Script uses a number of Popular open source Technologies:

  • Laravel - The PHP Framework for Web Artisans.
  • MySql - most popular Open Source Relational SQL Database Management System.
  • VueJS - The Progressive JavaScript Framework.
  • Bootstrap 5 - great UI boilerplate for modern web apps
  • Sass - CSS with superpowers.
  • Flutter - Flutter is an open source framework by Google for building multi-platform applications

Why HyraSpace from Cron24 Technologies

HyraSpace is the Perfect Choice For Your Space Rental Website to start rental business immediatly. Because Cron24 Technologies provides various unique features like Hourly Booking, Extend Day, Multiple Cancellation Policies and much more,and also give frequent updates to thee product for FREE.