How SEO Helps For Business Growth


What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is a online marketing process of increasing possibilities to attract the search engine users to use your websites. Those top results helps bring more customers to your websites and eventually increases conversion rates.

Note: So the first thing before you start SEO, you should have a website hosted in the web that represents your business profile.

How SEO works?

SEO is nothing but a marketing strategy to bring your website in the top results by the searched keywords in the search engine. The Search Engine itself inter-designed with some ranking algorithm which picks up your websites based on the keyword searched related to your website. 

Simply saying, there are only 2 things,

1. Search Engine Pool.(Platform to search keywords)

2. Searchers.(Users who search keywords)


Searchers/Users may not know that you are doing this business or they don’t your exact website name to reach you through the search engine. So they will reach you by searching some words in the search engine that related to your business and website. Those words are called as “Keywords”. 

So you could attract your audience by configuring that keywords in your website hat related to your website and business. By attracting these users, you can get more qualified leads and make more sales deals.

Content Optimization:

Preparing contents that explains about your business is called content preparation. You can bring up your website by optimizing the contents that suits for search engine algorithm. Posting contents frequently in your website will increase the Google ranking.

Also it is important to publish and update your posts regularly, to stay with good result. You can include images related to the post, that will easily attract the users view and traffic. Also you can add some catchy phrase that refers to your “Keywords”.


Backlinks are web link url from other websites that points to your websites. Backlinks are also called as “Inbound links”. 

You can link your website with other websites. So when people click that links from other websites they will be redirected to your website pages. Backlinks can work for your websites, silently at the background.

Above mentioned are the key things for SEO operation. Like this, we have some more modules also to get high rank in Search Engine.