How Hyra (An Airbnb Clone) Works?


What is Hyra:

Hyra is an online business software for online property rental. It is a clone script of Airbnb. Hyra is designed with latest technology and design components that gives aweful user experience to its users.

Nowadays, everything is happening in online. As like online shopping and booking, online renting is also getting popular. As renting vehicles, hotels, people are more interested in booking vacation properties also. Thus the online property rental business became hot in the online rental business.

How it works:

Hyra can be accessed without logging into the system just for the viewers. If you want to do transaction, rent or list your property then you need to signup with Hyra. Three options are there to signup with Hyra.

  1. Google Login
  2. Facebook Login
  3. Email signup

You can choose either one way to signup and login into the website.

Your signup will be classified into two categories.

  1. Host
  2. Guest

Owner of the website will have separate login to the backdoor of the software to manage the website. That will be called as Admin Access. He/She will have separate detailed dashboard which has maximum options to manage the entire website. Like User management, space management, Site settings, report, website banners, Admin user management, etc..,

Host can login into the website and list their properties with space information, rules, payment information and photographs. Also they can fix pricing for their properties.

Guest can login and book any places they want to rent by “property search function” in the website. Guest can make a payment for the place he would like to rent through the website.

That amount will goes to Admin. A percentage of amount for using this platform will be taken from admin and the remaining will be sent out to host.

In between there is an option called dispute system, If the Host or Guest had disagreement, they can raise dispute against.

If there any dispute raised, payment will sent out to the Host after the dispute is ended. Since Hyra is enabled with payment gateway system, payments will directly be sent to Host’s account after the checkout of guest.

This is what the software designed to work with.

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