Facebook Login API Integration To Website


Before generate facebook API, make sure you have an account in Facebook

  1. So signup with facebook if you do not have an account.
  2. After signup/login browse https://developers.facebook.com to create Facebook app. (You should have to create a Facebook app to generate API key.)
  3. Create new Facebook app by clicking “Create App”
  4. You should provide “App display name”, “App contact email” to create “App ID”
  5. Once you create “App ID” click Settings -> Basic at the left navigation bar.
  6. There you can add domain name of your website and terms, privacy policy and logo.
  7. After that click Facebook login -> Quick start and provide your site url.
  8. Then you should add redirecting url under Facebook login -> Settings -> Valid OAuth Redirect URLs. URL should be like domain name/facebookAuthenticate
  9. Then goto Settings -> Basic. There you can see your App ID and App secret key. Copy that key and use it for facebook signup / login in your website.
  10. By default, facebook will have your app in developing mode. Its important to change it’s mode to live when you have done all the configuration correctly.

That’s it. We have created API successfully. Hope this is useful for you