10 Important Features You Must Check Before Launching A Handyman Clone App


A Handyman clone script is a software solution that allows you to create platform for connecting users with local service providers for home repairs, maintenance, and other handyman services. Some of the important features that you may find in a Handyman clone script include.,

1. Smart Scheduling:

The platform can use AI algorithms to suggest the best time for service providers to arrive based on their availability, location, and other factors. The system can also send reminders to users and service providers.

2. Real-time Tracking:

The platform can offer real-time tracking of the service provider’s location and status, enabling users to track the service provider’s arrival time and stay updated.

3. Build-in E-wallet:

Users and service providers can make and receive payments instantly and securely, without the need for cash or card transactions. It can provide a secure platform for online transactions, minimizing the risks of fraud or theft.

4. Push Notifications:

Handyman clone script can send push notifications to users and service providers for various activities such as order confirmation, order completion, and other marketing purposes etc.

5. Multiple Payment Methods:

Multiple payment method in handyman app can Allow users to fund their e-Wallet using multiple payment options, such as credit/debit cards, bank transfers, or other digital wallets.

6. Inbuild Chat & SMS:

This option can used to communicate promptly with the help of safe and secure AtoB messaging and calls between the users and service providers without exiting the app.

7. Multi-lingual and Multi-currency Support:

A Handyman clone script can support multiple languages and currencies to cater to users from different regions.

8. Advanced Search and Filter Options:

The platform can allow users to search and filter services based on location, price, ratings, and other criteria.

9. Service history:

The app can maintain a history of past services provided, making it easier for customers to schedule recurring services or refer back to previous job details.

10. Apply coupon code option:

Discount codes are an effective marketing tool that can help attract new customers, retain existing ones, and encourage more bookings. With multiple discount codes, you can target different customer segments and incentivize them to book services.

Pro Tip:

The above listed 10 features are very important and it should be available in all handyman application. Check more interesting features..

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